Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Originals for sale!

Hey there everyone!  I've missed popping into this place and thought I'd say hello.  If you haven't heard, I post at my personal blog most days a week.  You can visit it here: The Rosy Life
 I've been working away on the shop, mostly trying to spread the word about my art.  I don't know if I'm doing things "right" or not, but I keep trying every little idea I have for being authentic and sharing about my art when I get a chance.  Here's to hoping that's a good marketing strategy!  I would never want to jeopardize a friendship for business, EVER.  But I do want people to know about my art! So figuring out that balance has been interesting. 

 I'm thrilled to say that all of the pieces you see here are my originals and listed for sale in the shop! :) 
You can check out the shop here!
I'll also be listing some bookmarks and mini original canvases this week! 
Stay tuned! 

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