Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Queen of Quite A Lot: the story behind the art.

Welcome to my studio!  Actually calling this space a studio feels quite funny.  It has always been referred to as "the craft room".  Seeing as I've dabbled in just about every kind of craft and DIY project there is, I suppose that's a more accurate term.  This is where the magic happens.  It's all spiffed up extra neat and tidy today because I've been working very hard to make room for my new shop supplies that are starting to come in the mail!  Whoohoo! 

I want to work extra hard to keep things organized and still pretty.  So far, so good.  

 These are the things that inspire and move me the most.  I love books.  A friend recently asked if I collected books, after noticing them in every single room, and by the stacks too!  I suppose I do now that I think about it.  There is nothing like the encouragement I get from sitting down with an inspiring book or magazine.  It's the perfect pick me up.  I also like to display my favorite things on a huge wall in the craft room.

 I found these stars all jumbled up in a cabinet.  Way too tangled to untangle.  I decided to hang them over the doorway anyway.  These hung on our Christmas tree the last two years and I just couldn't bear to throw them away.  I think they look so lovely hanging above the door.  Now they just need some twinkle lights. :) (my answer for just about everything)

 I'm proud to say I now have a huge shelf lining the top of the craft room FREE and open to display my art! I was desperately needing to get the art off the counter because I am quite messy when I create, as you'll see below!  Plus, seeing all these canvases lined up makes me want to keep going for it.  Even when I feel like the business side of a business might chase me down. 
I've been saving magazine clippings, words, and sketches in a notebook for a few weeks now and my ideas for canvases are overflowing.  I can't wait to show a closer look into my sketch book soon! 
It's all of these lovely, lovely things that came to mind when I made "The Queen of Quite a Lot".  I was thinking of making a girl, because we are quite the girl family right now.  And then I thought how fun and imaginative it is to pretend to be queen.  Sometimes (ok, most days) I feel like guilt and weariness whisper in my ear way too loud and far too often.  But when I look around at the wildflowers on the farm, the colors and beauty in the craft room, my girls toothy grins...

I realize I am actually the queen of quite a lot. 
And so, this canvas was created out of that. :) 
She'll be listed in my shop, which is opening........
I hope you'll visit and tell your friends about my site! 

(see...I TOLD you I was messy when I create! These are the real life "before" shots! This is what my work space looks like when I'm really into a canvas.  These pictures don't stress me out one bit.  They bring the biggest joy to my heart and a HUGE smile to my face because I know there's magic happening in these piles.) 

Are you a neat or messy creator?  Or not one at all?
I'd love to hear. 


  1. Congratulations on your new blog! This is lovely!

    I'm a messy creator. The flow of being intensely involved with a piece just adds to the process!

  2. Thank-you Julie! I am the messiest creator ever! But like to quickly clean up when I'm all done :)