Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fully alive.

Hello friends!  I'm excited to be peeking into this space today.  May I ask you a favor?  Do you mind to share this blog with your friends and family?  My shop opens up in about a week-Thursday, June 5th to be exact.  I'm hoping to spread the word as wide and happily as I can before then.  If you visit my Etsy shop page it looks quite empty because I am waiting to fill it up, right before the opening date.  If you'd like to get an idea of what I'll be selling please visit the PORTFOLIO page above!  

I'm pleased to say these two art prints will be for sale also!  This weekend was just glorious.  I had time to paint, photograph life with my big camera, do some test prints for the shop, go on a boat ride, fish, and just be.........together with my two girls and Brett.  I also dreamed up and completed these paintings.  Both, very different from one another.  Reminds me of my gals in that regard.  The painting above was inspired by an old quilt top that was covered in circles, none of the lines of the circles matching up quite right yet creating the most perfect picture anyway. I used gelatos to create this piece and I am absolutely in love with them.  Have you used these before? 

 And then this.  I suppose it you peeked into my mind at any given moment it might look a little something like the wildness that's happening in this painting.  Do you ever ask what makes you come alive? And then go do it? I love this quote.  I need to add Howard Thurman's name to this print, for he is the one we owe the credit for this lovely thought.  His point is to NOT ask what the world needs, but to ask what makes us come fully alive and go do that.  Because what the world needs are people who have come fully alive. 

I would yes and amen to that.  Like yesterday, for instance.  We took the girls to the mall play area which they squeal about and love (why, I'm not really sure).  I stood watching, talking with my girls and the other friendly kiddos.  The kids were all being themselves, unique, joyous.  Interacting with one another, asking "Want to be my friend."  And the adults? On their phones, heads down in isolation.  The kids have this thing figured out folks, we are made to be fully alive. 

When I paint, I feel fully alive.   It's my song I wouldn't ever be able to write with notes, my dance I can see in my mind.  It's my language and through being fully alive by painting I am able to spark some hope in others as well.  

What will you do to be fully alive today? 

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