Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What are you selling?

Hi friends! 
I've had some great questions lately that have surprised me a bit so I thought I'd go over them real quick today!  The biggest one being-"What are you selling?"  

My mind is in artsy land a good portion of the time, so when I hear someone is selling an art print I immediately know what they mean.  But this might not be true for you so instead of leaving you in the dark, let's turn on the light, shall we?!

First I start by painting a canvas.  I paint all different sizes of canvases, but usually they're pretty big (around 11 by 14 at least).  This is what I'm referring to as "an original" because it's an original by me! 

The next step is for me to make an art print....the actual copy of the original canvas which I'll be selling.  To do this I photograph my original canvas and then edit in Lightroom 5.  I then print my high-resolution photo with archival inks on high quality artist paper.  Archival inks means that I'm using an ink jet printer with inks that won't fade over time.  

So I'm selling art prints, which is like buying my art on paper instead of a canvas.  

I will also be selling a few of my original canvas paintings in the shop as well. 

To begin, I'll be selling 8 x 10 prints only and will add additional sizes soon! 

The shop is empty for now because I'll be filling it up next Wednesday night!
You can look under the "Portfolio" tab above to see what will be for sale as an 8 x 10 print!

Have any more questions?
Feel free to ask!
One week 'till shop opening! 

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