Sunday, June 1, 2014

Relaxed paintings and rose-colored glasses. (two new art pieces!)

Do you ever wonder where artists get their inspiration and ideas? What is it that makes them choose certain colors, designs, and sketches?  I wonder that a lot.  That's a huge reason why I like art (and blogging for that matter) so, so much.  It's giving a peek into the part of someone we can't ever visibly see from the outside otherwise.  Their thoughts, heart, and the inner-workings of their soul.  

For this painting I knew I wanted to stick with the phrase "rose-colored glasses".  It's often been said that I wear rose-colored  glasses and it's the eyesight that's helped the brightest moments of my life happen.  I started this painting and actually thought I was finished.....the glasses were the pale pink color you see on the right.  And for some reason I kept glancing at the painting, liking it all-right but not loving it.  I need to LOVE a painting before I'm done with it.  Otherwise, what is the point?  
After staring at the pale pink color for far too long I decided to add the darker pink and then that's when I fell in love.  So I'm happy to introduce you to one of my newest pieces: Rose-colored Glasses!

This will be available in my shop this THURSDAY, for the grand opening! I'll fill the shop up with my pieces Wednesday night! You can take a peek at my Portfolio page above to see what prints will be available. 
This piece...has my heart.  It's one of my top three favorites I've ever painted.  The lighting is a bit dark because I photographed it last night, I just couldn't wait to get a picture of it. 

Why do I like this so much?  I'm not even sure.  It has something to do with those circles and all the colors and the many places to look.  I think the biggest determining factor for me was that I was very "in the moment" and very relaxed while painting this.  Sometimes my painting time feels so disciplined and scheduled, seeing as I only paint when the girls are asleep (and usually at naptime)  But every now and then I'll take an evening to finish something and there's just a different kind of easiness evident in the craft room and in my paintings.  

I'm also a sucker for a font that looks like an old type-writer and these text rub-ons are just my fave.  The piece has happy messages spread throughout....little gentle reminders for life tucked here and there.

 Prints available in the shop Thursday!
This view could have been a big reason why my painting felt so relaxed.  
Gorgeous, isn't it? 

Sending you light!


  1. I LOVE that piece with the circles. It's so so nice when you're in that 'zone' for painting, when it's coming from within and you're not thinking too much or feeling pressure and things just FLOW.

    1. Thank-you Iris! Something about those favorite shape :)

      What do you do to get in "the zone" for painting?!